The Concerts

In his performances,
Clownen Ruben serves as a link between the orchestra and the audience.
A gentle artist, masterly in his contact with the audience, where the music, the comedy,
the adventure, the joy and the gravity contribute to the experience and the memories.

Ruben the Clown has been engaged in interactive musical meetings since 1972.
Every concert is unique and the orchestra-clown-audience encounter is shaped for
each occasion, with the moment as the form, into an optimal experience.

Ruben the Clown plays interesting, one-of-a-kind instruments that fire the imagination.
The orchestra always plays the leading role. Music is the shared vehicle.
Below you’ll find examples of successful concert projects where we have been involved.

We are: Soloist Ruben the Clown, Conductor Daniel Hansson and Arranger Didier Favre.
The form of every engagement is carefully adapted to suit the circumstances and goals.

Music for a Younger Audience


Orchestre Philharmonique
de Monte-Carlo

Malmö Symfoniorkester

Fairytales, games, surprises
and lots of joy
We are looking for
Orchestra and/or organization