Composer / Arranger Didier Favre

      Born in 1961, Didier Favre began studying music at the Regional Conservatory of Grenoble
      where he graduated in 1978 with highest honors in French horn. [Photo]
      In 1981 he entered the Conservatoire National Supérieur in Lyon to pursue concurrent
      studie in horn and composition. Following his initial employment with the Nice Opera orchestra,
      Mr. Favre has enjoyed a successful career as associate principal horn of the Monte-Carlo
      Philharmonic since 1991.  Composition continues to be his hobby.

      Extensive orchestra experience and a thorough knowledge of wind instruments have enabled
      him to write numerous pieces and arrangements for ensembles of all kinds.
      On several occasions he has participated in film music composition seminars
      led by composer Laurent Petitgirard.

      Mr. Favre has written short chamber pieces for trio, string quartet, woodwind quintet,
      brass ensemble, and also for full symphony orchestra.
      His compositions tend to favor the entertaining and playful elements of music